Leading Projects

OBS Group specializes in locating and identifying companies with a unique potential and breakthrough ideas. The group fosters entrepreneurs and provides guidance and assistance.​

PIRI - A social network for creating buyer groups. Piri maximizes the potential purchasing power of buyer groups by joining together different customers with similar needs.

Atlas - Develops and operates the largest portal of funds and resources for non-profit organizations in Israel and in the Jewish community worldwide. The company trains resource developers and operates a subsidiary named OBS Direction, which specializes in fundraising and grants for projects of non-profit organizations in Israel.

Caesarea Pearl - A real estate company that builds vacation rentals, luxury residential complexes and hotels in Caesarea and the area.

Octopai - A hi-tech company which has developed tools for providing a comprehensive solution for business impact analysis. Octopai removes the need to use several analysis systems and provides wide variety of tools including extraction, transformation, loading (ETL), storage and reporting for IT teams and Big Data.

ADAR - An extension of OBS that invests in technologies designed for security and industry sectors.

WISEC - The state of Israel is under constant threat of high trajectory rocket fire, long-range rocket fire and emergency situations. In cooperation with Beeper, WISEC has developed a system to lock, control and monitor shelters and various security rooms.