OBS Group was founded in 2008 by a group of entrepreneurs and businessmen headed by businessman Or Ben Shoshan.
The group operates in 3 major domains:


Real Estate:
OBS has a rich experience in real estate project management, especially in tourism and commerce projects. The group invests in many projects in Israel, including hotels and resorts, residential and commercial projects.
Start-ups And Tech Companies:
The group invests in technology companies with an emphasis on Big Data, Impact, Fintech, e-Commerce, BI and IT. OBS chooses to invest in companies and projects with significant social impact. It also invests in Hi-Tech and Low-Tech companies in the defense industry.

Investor Relationships

OBS Group manages investments in Israeli companies. The group connects investors from around the world with leading Israeli entrepreneurs and manages investments for them.

Fostering Entrepreneurs

In Israel, which is considered a leading technology and start-up incubator, OBS specializes in locating and identifying companies with a unique potential and breakthrough ideas. The group fosters entrepreneurs and provides guidance and assistance.

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Working Hours

8:30AM - 4:30PM